🟒Product Updates

v1.79.2 - 14/06/24

  • Add {{=IFANY(...)}} formula to evaluate conditions across a set of data grouped values

  • Add new HubSpot onboarding portal

  • Fix signature request/team branding modal navigation

  • Fix unnecessary warning that is displayed in HubSpot workflows when navigating to outputs page.

v1.79 - 12/06/24

  • Add {{=LOWER(...)}} and {{=UPPER(...)}} formulas to make text values lower and uppercase respectively

  • Add formula fields to email, signature requests and output names

  • Add ability to edit "Review and Sign" button text for signature requests

  • Update modal UI/UX throughout the app for better consistency

  • Update workflow duplicate process to automatically enable auto-create if applicable

  • Fix custom team branding inconsistency between Portant Workflow and the signature portal

v1.78 - 28/05/24

  • Add ~ comparison to =IF formula fields to check if target text is contained within the comparison text* . e.g. {{=IF("Bar" ~ "FooBarBaz", "Yes", "No")}} -> Yes *Order of operands is commutative (i.e. a ~ b == b ~ a)

  • Fix false error messaged displayed on outputs page for pending items that are still being created

v1.77 - 22/05/24

  • Add new onboarding flow to help understand how our customers use Portant

  • Improve HubSpot integration to only fetch associated objects that are used within the workflow

v1.76 - 15/05/24

  • Add gamification with achievements πŸŽ‰

  • Add Microsoft .NET webhook adapter (used by a range of SaaS products)

  • Add Copper source option to "New Workflow" and "Add Block" modals for all users

  • Add placeholder UI for source and template blocks in newly created workflows

  • Fix bug with file uploads of completed signable documents for both HubSpot and Copper

v1.75 - 08/05/24

  • Add PDF file upload for HubSpot workflows

  • Add warning modal when navigating from HubSpot source with unsaved changes

  • Fix minor UI bug on outputs page

v1.74 - 01/05/24

  • Add direct HTML editor to email blocks (BETA)

  • Add "Draft" and "Signature Requested" status options to output page filters when applicable to the workflow

  • Add prominent loading indicator to HubSpot source field table after making changes from "manage fields" modal

  • Fix bug in =IF formula fields for conditions contained quoted strings

  • Fix missing custom object fields for duplicated HubSpot workflows

  • Fix text entry fields not displaying in the correct position for signable documents

  • Experimental: Add extend by page for Google Slides workflows using data grouping. (Please contact support if you would like trial this feature on existing or new workflow)

v1.73 - 24/04/24

  • Add filtering controls to the output page

  • Fix missing "In Progress" state on the outputs page

  • Fix email editor not showing inserted drive images

  • Fix signature request attachments not showing up in some emails

  • Fix signature request button to have contrast for custom branding colour in email

v1.72 - 17/04/24

  • Add signable document preview link, this now allows for signing to be completed in any order

  • Add "Show in Hubspot" option to control if a workflow should be visible in the HubSpot actions menu

  • Improve in-app navigation, Portant will now remember your current position in a workflow when you click back from settings

  • Update workflow creation process to always ask for a workflow name. To keep your workflows better labeled

  • Improve outputs page navigation and pagination

  • Fix multiline text bug in IF formulas

v1.71 - 03/04/24

v1.70 - 20/03/24

  • Add trust certificates to signable documents/signature requests

  • Improve HubSpot associated modal picker to handle large amounts of associated objects

  • Improve date and time parsing to handle more formats (e.g. "13:02" from Google Forms can now be converted to "1:02pm" when configured as a "Date" source field)

  • Update app flow to allow users to access their workflows after pro trial has expired

v1.69 - 13/03/24

  • Add arithmetic expressions to formula fields

  • Add decimal place modifier | to numeric formula fields

  • Add date arithmetic and built in formulas (MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS)

v1.68 - 06/03/2024

  • Add HubSpot associated object picker deselect/select all input

  • Add HubSpot override signature request options

  • Improve set of default Copper source fields

v1.67 - 26/02/2024

  • Add HubSpot associated object picker

v1.66 - 19/02/2024

  • Add Copper CRM integration

v1.65 - 12/02/2024

  • Improve Google Drive file access for teams workflows

v1.64 - 29/01/2024

  • Add default date and number formatting user settings (applies to formula fields as well)

  • Add confirmation modal to be displayed when changing HubSpot primary object

  • Add update warning to be displayed on login page when backend is down

  • Add "ran by" user's name to outputs page items

  • Add =ROUND formula field

  • Fix preview navigation and review loading issues

  • Fix search on teams management page to now be case insensitive

  • Fix email editor save state display bug

  • Fix automatic navigation when adding a new document before an existing one

  • Fix bug that prevents source conditions from being updated or deleted

  • Fix OAuth display updates on settings and workflow template pages

v1.63 - 23/01/2024

  • Improve team manager interface with viewer, runner, editor, admin and owner roles

  • Add last edited and owner names to team workflow rows in list view

  • Add always present side navigation bar

v1.62 - 08/01/2024

  • Add "User" field type for HubSpot users

  • Fix trailing slash in custom folder path causing a blank folder to be created

  • Improve extend tables (Data Grouping) for Google Slides

  • Improve backend error recording for better support

v1.61 - 03/01/2024

  • Add variable amount of seats to teams plans, this is now displayed on the teams settings page

  • Fix formula fields that were coming up as invalid in source field table

  • Fix logic to strip invalid characters from emails when contained in tags

v1.60.3 - 20/12/2023

  • Add DD.MM.YYYY date formatting option

  • Add =TRUNCATE(text, length) formula

  • Fix PDF file name issue for periods "."

v1.60 - 16/12/2023

  • Update "start automation" flow to prevent timeout errors

  • Add new share button UI and flow to help users upgrade to Teams

  • Add ability for support staff to capture automation item data to help track down errors

  • Begin capturing trust data for signature requests

v1.59 - 06/12/2023

  • Improve frontend data caching

  • Add subscription upgrade modal after user has upgraded

  • Add new sign up page (initial change for new onboarding flow, coming soon)

  • Add email error reporting to the outputs page

  • Fix HubSpot status property for "Signature Requested" status

v1.58 - 23/11/2023

  • Update HubSpot Portant properties to include signature request link and pdf link

  • Add Portant block to HubSpot workflow automations

  • Fix number formatting to not include extra zeros

v1.57 - 15/11/2023

  • Add support for nested associations from HubSpot

    • e.g. Deal -> Deal Month -> Ad Plan: This will include β€˜Ad Plan’ Data when merging on the β€˜Deal’

  • Change aggregated formula fields that to expect numeric values to treat NaN (Not a Number) fields as zero to continue the aggregation rather than causing the entire field to be blank

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