Document Merge - Trello Power-up

How to install, setup and use Portant's Trello power-up

Portant's Trello power up is a great way to create Google Docs or Presentations from Trello Cards. You can add multiple templates to a Trello board and then all you need to do is click a button and the document will be generated from the Card data.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  1. Install Portant Document Merge Trello Power-up.

  2. Add a template

  3. Open a template

  4. Select an existing file as a template

  5. Customise the template

  6. Create a document using the Template and Card

  7. Delete a template

How to Install Portant Document Merge Trello Power Up

  1. Open the Trello Board you would like to install the Power-up on

  2. Click 'Show menu' on the right hand side

  3. Click 'Power-ups"‍

  4. Search 'Portant' in the top left search box

  5. Click 'Add' on the Portant Document Merge tile and then "Add' on the next screen

  6. Portant Document Merge Power-up is now installed 🎉

How to add a template and create a document

  1. Open a card on your board and click 'Portant' in the Power-up menu.

  2. Click'Create Google Docs/Slides Template' ‍

  3. The first time you click 'Create Google Docs/Slides Template' you will need to Authorise your Google Account.

  4. Click 'Link Google Drive Account'

  5. Then select the Google Drive account you would like to link with the Power-up

  6. Then after you have checked the permissions Portant needs, click 'Allow'

  7. Then click either one of the 'Create Google Docs/Slides Template'. This will then create a document template with the same name as the board.

  8. Woohoo you just made your first template! 📄

How to open a template

  1. Click on the 'Cog Icon' (⚙️) next to the template to open the edit options

  2. Click on the 'document name'. This will open the template document in a new tab. Here you can see how {{tags}} look in a template.

You can add tags in the document or presentation file name and these will be used to customise the name of the outputs.


How to select an existing file as a template

  1. Click 'Add Another Template'

  2. Click 'Select an Existing File', then a new window will open with the Google Drive file picker.

  3. Select the file you want to add

  4. Click 'Select'

  5. Aaaaand you're done, the file has been added to the Portant Document Merge Power-up

How to customise the template

You can customise the template by tags to the document or presentation

Here are {{tags}} that work with any card:

  • {{Name}} - This is the name of the card

  • {{Description}} - This is the description of the card

  • {{Board Name}} - This is the name of the board the card is on

  • {{List Name}} - This is the name of the list the card is in

  • {{Members}} - This adds the members of the card

  • {{Labels}} - This adds the labels of the card

  • {{Card URL}} - This is the url to the card

If you have custom fields on your board you can also use them by simply including the name of the custom field in a pair of two curly brackets just like the other tags.

Custom fields is now a paid feature included in their Standard and Premium tiers

Export to PDF (Pro feature)

You can also select to create a PDF of the document to your Trello card, this is a Pro feature which can be turned on by clicking the cog (⚙) next to your document and then selecting the 'Attach as PDF' Toggle.


How to create a document using the Template and Card

  1. Open the card you want to merge and click on 'Portant' in the Power-up menu

  2. Then click on the 'Merge *document name* button'

  3. This creates a document with the card data and adds it to the attachment section of the card. Open the document to see the customised version.

How to delete a template

  1. Open 'Portant Document Merge'

  2. Click on the 'Cog icon' (⚙️) next to the template document you want to remove

  3. Then click the 'Trash can icon' (🗑️) next to the template document you want to remove

  4. Then click the 'Remove' button

  5. Now your document has been deleted

Feedback and feature suggestions

We created Portant in 2021 and the feedback we have received since then has been very helpful and greatly appreciated. If you have any feedback please feel free to send us an email at or use our contact form here:


Blake and James

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