Tag Checker

Learn how to check the tags in your workflow are all valid

Sometimes, you may need to check if all the tags in your workflow are valid. Fortunately, we've introduced a handy "Refresh" button in your source table. This button enables you to quickly check all the tags in your template, ensuring they are in sync with any changes you make to the source document.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Check the tags in your workflow

Check your tags in your workflow

The first step is to open your template document block:

Next, within your template document block, locate and click the "Refresh" button in your source table. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that all tags have been correctly updated:

If there is any issue with a tag, Portant will promptly identify and highlight the problem, as demonstrated in the example below:

In this example, there is a typo in the tag {{Notes}}, which will result in Portant being unable to place the source data in the output document. To resolve this issue, correct the typo and then refresh your source table once more to ensure that all tags are valid and functioning correctly.

Feedback and feature suggestions

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