Customize Your Email Content with HTML Editing

Portant now offers HTML editing in Workflow emails, allowing for fully customizable and visually appealing content! 😀

In this article you will learn how to: 1. Customize Your Email Content with HTML Editing

Customize Your Email Content with HTML Editing

In this guide article we will jump straight to customizing email content with HTML editing. However, if this is your first time creating a workflow with Portant, please refer to this article.

Once you've created your workflow, navigate to the Email Block to proceed.

Next, find the "Switch to HTML Editor" option located at the bottom of your email content field, then click on it.

If your email was previously set up with the default editor, you will encounter a warning message indicating that your current email content will be deleted. To proceed, simply click "Continue".

Then, input your HTML code into the email content field.

Before you save your email content with HTML code, you can preview how it will look by clicking on "Display Preview".

If everything looks good, close the preview by clicking on the "X" icon, and then proceed to click "Save" to preserve your email content.

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