Invalid Tags

You might come across the following error message within your source table: "This document contains invalid tags," as shown in the image below. The good news is that resolving this issue is a straightforward task!

In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Fix Invalid Tags error message

Fix Invalid Tags error message

This issue may stem from a variety of causes:

  • Tag fields containing extra spaces

  • Utilization of special characters

  • Irregularities in tag formatting

Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

Step 1: Remove all tags from the template, refresh your source table, and then reinsert the tags.

Step 2: When reinserting the tags, ensure they are copied and pasted without any formatting. On Mac, use 'cmd + shift + v'; on Windows, use 'ctrl + shift + v'.

Step 3: Review your source document. For each tag identified as invalid by Portant, check for any extra spaces within them.

Step 4: Consider using custom tags for problematic fields to avoid the need to search for the corresponding questions in the form. To learn more about adding custom tags, please refer to this article.

Upon successful resolution, refreshing your source table will display the message: 'All inserted document tags are valid,' as illustrated in the image below:

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