Saving Document Links to your Sheet

Save document links back to Google Sheet

Adding output document links can be a great way to centralise all your information in a spreadsheet. This is a good option if other users need to access the documents and don't want to search in Portant or your Google Drive. In this guide, we will show you how to:

  1. Add a 'Write links to source' block

  2. Select which document links you'd like to save

  3. When the links appear

You can only add a "write links to source block' if you have built a workflow that uses Google Sheets as a source. If you have a sheets workflow, when you click the 'Add block' buttons, an option in the sharing section will appear that is called 'Write links to source', like this:

When you have added the block, you can select which documents you'd like to save back to the spreadsheet. You can select the checkbox next to the document, and Portant will save the links to this type of document in your spreadsheet:

The links will appear in your spreadsheet the next time an automation is run. When the automation runs for the first time, Portant will create two new columns at the end of your spreadsheet and save links in the corresponding column(s)

These column headers can be renamed but must contain [Portant] to be reused in future automations.

Feedback and feature suggestions

We created Portant in 2021, and the feedback we have received since then has been very helpful and greatly appreciated. If you have any feedback, please feel free to send us an email at or use our contact form here:

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