How to set-up a Google Forms source

Google Forms is the perfect source when you’d like to create a document every time you receive a form response

This article will show you how to set up Google Forms as a source for Portant Data Merge. Google Forms is the perfect source if you would like to create an ongoing workflow (or if other people have the data you need for your documents) and you’d like to create a document every time someone completes a form.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  1. Select an exisiting Google Forms file

  2. Create a new Google Forms file

Connect to an existing Google Forms file

After you have selected to connect a Google Forms source from the 'Home Page' you will need to set it up. Click the Choose File button to open the file picker window. This is where you can search for and select the Google Form you would like to connect. After you have found and selected the correct file, click Select.

Top Tip - After you have selected the file, you can click the file name to open it in a new tab. Great for checking if everything is as you expect.

Create a new Google Forms file

If you have not created a Google Form yet, you can use the 'Create new' button. After you click this button, a new Google Forms file is created with your filename and connected to your template. This Google Form has some sample questions in it that you can use to test with.

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Additional resources

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