Request Multiple Signatures

How to request multiple signatures on one document

Portant's eSignature feature enables you to request signatures on a document for up to 4 different individuals. This means you'll no longer need to send documents back and forth between multiple people to get all the necessary signatures, which is perfect for:

  • Sales contracts

  • Partnership agreements

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  • Employment contracts

Please note that requesting multiple signatures on a document is a Pro feature only available on our Pro and Teams tiers

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create multiple signature requests on the same document

  2. How signatures are requested when there are multiple recipients

Create multiple signature requests on the same document

In this guide, we will jump straight to adding multiple signature placeholders. However, if you haven't requested a signature on a document before, please follow this guide on how to create your first eSignature workflow.

After you have added your first signature placeholder(s) to your document, you can click on "Add Another Recipient" to add the second recipient who will sign the document. (You will see this signature placeholder has a different colour.)

Insert the email address of the second recipient who will sign the document

Note: This can be a dynamic {{tag}} from your source or you can type the email address directly into the field.

Then add the signature and date placeholders. Place them wherever you need in the document.

Note: Signature placeholders are always inserted at the end of the document, but can be moved wherever desired after they’ve been inserted.

Note: Introducing our latest feature update: You can now integrate new placeholders like Text Fields and Checkboxes into your templates.

‍After you have added your second recipient, you can add another in the same manner as before by clicking “Add another recipient”.

Note: You can add up to 4 different recipients to a document.

Note: Signature requests will expire after 30 days.

How signatures are requested when there are multiple recipients

After the document has been signed by the first recipient, it will be sent to the second recipient. The signature requests occur in the order they appear in the workflow.

Once the document is completely signed, you can send a customised email (for example, to all the signature recipients) This email will contain a PDF of the signed document and can contain other attachments and be customised with {{tags}} from your source. A copy will also be saved in your Google Drive.

Feedback and feature suggestions

We created Portant in 2021 and the feedback we have received since then has been very helpful and greatly appreciated. If you have any feedback, please feel free to send us an email at or use our contact form here:

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