Microsoft Word

Save an output as a Microsoft Word file (.docx)

Did you know that the Portant App also has the ability to save your document outputs in Microsoft formats too!? Pretty cool, huh? 🀠

‍In this article, you will learn how to:

  1. Save a document output as a Microsoft Word file

Save a document output as a Microsoft Word file

In this guide, we will jump straight to saving an output as a Microsoft Word file. However, if you haven't created your first workflow before, please follow this guide on How to create your first workflow.

Once you have configured your workflow and added all the necessary blocks, go to the email block and click on "Add Attachments":

‍Then, choose "Attach as Word":

When you have attached the document as a Word file, you will see it added at the bottom of your email message body here:

Finally, when the workflow is run, the Word attachment will be sent to your contact by email like this:

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